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  • Melissa Martinez


Born in Washington,DC and raised in Haiti, Maya has traveled many places in search of different inspirations. She recently lived in Bali, Indonesia where she found that inspiration and more, showing tremendously in her recent work. She currently resides in Miami, Fl, which will birth her first official 'Maya Farrow Art Studio'.

Maya works with mediums such as canvas, mannequin and wood. While highly inspired by the female form and its beauty, maya seeks to evoke emotions through her vibrant use of colors using a variety of tools such as, the brush, glass and metal.

Becoming a self taught artist who discovered her love for art at a very young age, sketching became Maya's passion and even her escape at times. that passion eventually evolved into painting which led her to developing her own unique techniques.

Maya defines her work as intriguing and sort of a mystery. she masters her craft by sticking to her motto of... "I don't paint for people to necessarily see my vision but more so for them to see their own."

"I don't paint for people to necessarily see my vision but more so for them to see their own."

Pretty For A Dark Girl | Maya Farrow 36 x 48 | $575

Shape Of You | Maya Farrow 30 x 40 | $475